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Special Kiwis
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Special Kiwis
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  The Special Kiwis Story  
Special Kiwis is a small multinational partnership dedicated to the design, production and sales of equipment for re-habilitation and care for people with special needs. We are located in New Zealand, México and Canada.

According to the World Health Organization, 600 million people live with some kind of disability. About 80% have not enough financial resources for rehabilitation. In New Zealand there are about 743,800 people with special needs. Although there's government funding for assistive technologies, many families still can't afford some equipment, even in developed countries. For example in New Zealand 76% of people with a physical disability claim a lack of special equipment to meet their needs due to its high cost.

We also noticed that many of those equipments are made for clinics and hospitals where they must be shared by hundreds of users, and their prices are too high for many families. On the other hand there are small manufacturers which offer cheaper products, but those are often not only low on price but also low on quality. Our products are designed in New Zealand to fulfil a series of needs specific to household use. Special Kiwis' goal is to offer high quality products to meet the needs of special users, at affordable prices.

Special Kiwis

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  Special Kiwis Mission:  
Special Kiwis mission is to provide rehabilitation equipment and accessories to improve the lifestyle of people with special needs, at an affordable price for the families.

Special Kiwis uses "User Centered Design" to develop its own products to match a series of good design characteristics and user's needs.

Special Kiwis products are manufactured with high quality materials and processes under strict quality control.

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The kiwi is a cute flightless bird, very vulnerable to the attack of predators. Kiwis need a lot of care and protection for their preservation. New Zealanders like to be called “kiwis” as a symbol of our national icon. Therefore, we refer to “special kiwis” as an allusion about people with special skills and their need of care. Our logo is a pair of hands protecting a small kiwi chick.

Learn more about our national icon at Bank of New Zealand Kiwi Recovery Trust.

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  Our team:  
Enrique Alva Sais. Graduated with honors as Bachelor of Business Administration, has also broad expertise in computer systems. His thesis research was about exporting Mexican products to Canada, taking advantage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Enrique has been working for banking corporations in Mexico and Canada and has 3 beautiful children.
Raúl Juárez Perezlete. Master of Architecture from Columbia University (New York). He has his own architecture firm for over 10 years and has earned several awards and architecture prizes. He is also founding lecturer of the architecture school at ITESM campus Guadalajara. Raúl is in charge of production and delivery of our products.
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Fernando Vallejo-Siller. Master Industrial Designer, specialized in ergonomics at the University of Essen in Germany. During his tenure at ITESM campus Monterrey, he coordinated several student design projects for people with special needs for private and public organizations, including an international collaboration with Fontys (Netherlands) and Lehigh (U.S.A.) to develop an electric wheelchair for children with muscular dystrophia.
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